Nigeria's 53rd Independence Gala Dinner and Community Excellence Award,
 also The Nigerian Voice Newspaper 1st Year Anniversary. Held on Friday 4th October 2013

Endorsed By Nigeria Diplomatic Missions In South Africa
The Nigerian Community Excellence Awards is our annual flagship event. The award ceremony celebrates excellent achievements of individual Nigerians and corporate Nigerian entities in different fields of endeavors in South Africa society. It also celebrates Nigeria-South Africa relationship by recognizing Nigeria-friendly South African citizens and organizations.

The Nigerian Voice newspaper organizes the awards ceremony every year as a major activity marking Nigeria’s independence anniversary and the anniversary of the publication. The awards are inspired by our mission and commitment to telling the Nigerian success stories in the Diaspora with specific focus on spotlighting Nigerians who are making positive impacts and contributing to development of their host community. The awards are also an important communication tool to showcase the best of Nigerians in Diaspora to our host society and the rest of the world. At the international front, it is aimed at bridging national gaps between Nigerians and South Africans in South Africa.

The 2013 edition is the maiden edition of the event. It was a successful outing with sponsorship coming from the Western Union, Skye and Diamond banks. It is proposed to be annual event coinciding  with the celebration of the Nigerian Independence anniversary with a gala dinner and cultural show which climaxes in the awards ceremony.

In 2014, the awards categories will go from 11 to 28, giving recognitions to other important aspects of Nigerians social and economic life in South Africa. Awards will also celebrate achievements among Africans Diaspora who are not of Nigerian or South African descent. The awards ceremony  also beams searchlight on our homeland, Nigeria; it will honor Leadership Excellence and Local Government Administration achievements for leaders of government and organizations in Nigeria. Nominations and final winners will be coordinated by a committee comprising of eminent Nigerians in South Africa in conjunction with our editorial board.

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