What They Are Saying About The Nigerian Voice Newspaper
Nigerian Former President & African Statesman Aremu Olusegun Obasanjo said " This is the job of a country a young man is doing in South Africa and he is doing it exceptionally well, he needs to be supported to sustain it. The quality is fantastic, keep the good work up. The support will definitely come because i am concerned about how you are managing with the production"

Chief Emeka Anyaoku, GCVO, CON was the third Commonwealth Secretary-General, his words for The Newspaper after an interview with him said "I haven’t read the publication but in principle if you are engaged in publishing a material for the Nigerian community in South Africa that’s a good thing. I hope that in your publication, you should be guided by what would serve the mutual interest of Nigeria and South Africa that should be the underlining policy

The Speaker Nigeria House of Representatives His Excellency Honorable Aminu Tambuwal
said "The Nigerian Voice Newspaper is a welcome development and we are proud
of this great initiative". "Our nationals must start speaking for our people instead of allowing other people speak for us, this is a great example of a Nigerian Diaspora towards our dear country Nigeria".
Nigeria High Commissioner to South Africa His Excellency Ambassador Samuel Sunday Yussuf said "First of all, let me congratulate you guys for doing a very good job and for coming forward with a newspaper that is not only Nigerian but also telling the Nigerian story. And I believe it is important that we tell our own story and not leave it for others to tell. Definitely, the Nigerian Voice Newspaper is a welcome development for Nigerian Diaspora and indeed the African Diaspora because I believe it is important to tell the story of not only Nigerians in the Diaspora here, but other Africans who are here so that you can have a wider readership and we can have a news medium that can tell the story of all African in this country".
Nigerian Consul-General Hon. Okey Emuchay MFR said "it’s incumbent on us as a people to tell our story. Nobody is going to tell that story and the Nigerian Voice Newspaper would help to break barriers, it should be the vanguard to tell our story, our people need to be informed and informed appropriately, facts because information, the Media runs the world. Information is very vital, very critical to development”.
Mr Nico Meyer CEO Multichoice Said "You have to speak to the people and clearly you have done that in-terms of your coverage here, and I also think your coverage is wider because you also deal with key issues, for instance, the independence celebration. This issue I think is key to the country and it speaks to the heart of Nigerians, its something to be absolutely proud of. I think you should just continue what you are doing. I think you doing a great job".

Biola Alabi Managing Director Mnet Africa said “You want me to be honest. I was quite impressed when I saw the newspaper today and I opened it up and started reading it. The last time I saw the Nigerian Voice was in Cape Town earlier this year when Nigerian President was around and I think just in a short time, it has made a huge leap. Really, I am so impressed with the work you guys are doing and have done. I have to say your newspaper is a lot heavier which means there must be a lot more advertising. So, you are doing something right. And I say congratulations to the Nigerian Voice. And I think you guys are doing a great job keeping the Diaspora connected in South Africa to home”

Mrs Dianna Games honorary CEO of South Africa – Nigeria Chamber of Commerce and co-founder of Africa @ Work said “The newspaper plays an important role because it is a specific market and it quickly becomes part of the people’s lives. This is even more important in the case of a Diaspora newspaper that serves a community from their homeland as it gives them a voice and greater sense of belonging”. Having worked as a journalist herself, Dianna understands that people do not always appreciate the hard work that goes into producing a newspaper and therefore do not give it the support it needs.
Nollywood Veteran  Zack Orji Said "If you are truly The Nigerian Voice here, you must be certain about the authenticity of what you are publishing, so that overtime people would learn to trust and believe in what comes from you. When they can trust it, then they would be willing to buy and somebody would be willing to spend more money and you would come up with a bigger thing than what you have right now, so I wish you all the best.”

Mr. Franklin Martins, producer of African President Television Series and former Brazilian Minister of Social Communications said "“bother less with the people that are up, bother with the people that don’t know how to speak very well, perhaps they don’t know how to write very well. They don’t have a university degree but they are making a living. They are educating their children, they are bringing them up, they are building the country, and they are the most important people, the simple people, so write for them.”

Latest Edition
June 2014 Edition
Issue Date: 6th June - 6th July 2014
 Honestly If there are Nigerians so passionate about the image of Nigeria and Nigerians in South Africa, Mr. Afeez Olatunji Olugbemiga should be counted and recognized for his role of dearly upholding the prestige of the Green White Green color of Nigeria with dignity and pride. He is definitely a unique Nigerian worthy of emulation because he always stands tall to tell the world that he is proudly Nigerian irrespective of where he finds himself.

“For me, I tell myself, I want to be a Nigerian ambassador, and what does it take for me to be a Nigerian ambassador? It simply means I must stay away from the don’ts of the country where I reside and adhere to the dos of that country. If we all do that, all shall be well, that’s what I always tell people”. “Secondly, I always tell fellow Nigerians that let us be our brother’s keepers; meaning if I am in a position to offer that assistance or help, I should. So, let us encourage one another to assist each other so that person in need will not spoil the good image of Nigeria. Let us look out for one another and let’s see how best we can help one another. Those are the little advice I give people who I am opportuned to talk to on issues that relate to Nigeria and Nigerians because at the end of the day there is only one Nigeria and that is our country. So, it takes me and you to get it right and make sure that the image of Nigeria is always protected”.

Also Read all our exciting News and Feature articles. Read all about the 12 Nigerians arrested for cyber crime.

The Nigerian High Commission and Nigerian Community is out to tackle drug and prostitution issues affecting the Nigerian Image in South Africa.

Tswane Gospel Choir recently did a singles to say #Bringbackourgirls..... Read the full interview.
May 2014 Edition
Issue Date: 5th May - 4th June 2014
It’s May, South Africa’s month of elections! As South Africans go to the polls on the 7th for the 4th elections in post-Apartheid era to elect new leaders to manage the affairs of the nation, we wish the country all the best!!

The May edition of the newspaper is packed with interesting stories and features. One thing that stands out is the patriotism of a young Nigerian epidemiologist and international Health Consultant, Mr. Braimoh Bello. In an age where desperation for naturalization is a fast way to life of ease and opportunities in foreign land for many Nigerians, Braimoh chose to keep his Nigerian identity when he had the chance to take up South African citizenship. Being the man of value, it was not difficult for Braimoh to make up his mind. How many Nigerians can do this? Will you?

Also in this edition, we bring you the good news from the President of Nigeria Union South Africa (NUSA), Hon. Ikechukwu Anyene about the much anticipated Consular Card. With the issuance of the card which is hoped to commence by the end of July, Nigerians will no longer need to carry their passports around anymore.

The Nigeria-South Africa business Expo and Carnival is gaining momentum and companies in Nigeria are gearing up for the event in July/August. We spoke to the Nigerian representative, Mr. Ameh Franklyn Adejo, who says the Expo will wipe away fears and restore confidence between both countries.

The spate of attacks on foreigners by some South Africans is becoming worrisome. In April, there were series of attacks on Nigerian nationals in Johannesburg and Pretoria, close to 15 Nigerians and about 25 Nigerian-owned businesses were attacked. These recent attacks have caught the notice of the Nigerian government as the Chairperson of the Diaspora Committee in the Federal House of Representatives; Hon. Abike Dabiri demanded that everything possible should be done to stop the un-dignifying treatment meted out to innocent Nigerians in South Africa. The swift intervention of the Nigerian High Commission in Pretoria to manage the situation is worthy of commendation. This edition highlights some of these challenges faced by Nigerians in South Africa.

Other interesting features for your reading pleasure includes our columns on Tourism and Fashion. Also, learn more about Gluten and your Health in our Health and Beauty page. And there is inspiration for you on our Inspirationaire’’ column. If you are looking for scoop on what is happening on the street, then flip to the ‘Streetwise’ column.

Edition by edition, we have always maintained that we appreciate your feedbacks and criticism on our featured stories and the newspaper in general. They have been helping us to reposition ourselves and keep us on our toes, in order to serve our readers better. Please do not stop now. We need you for us to continue to grow.

Have a great month!

April 2014 Edition
Issue Date: 5th April - 4th May 2014
It’s April, but there is no fooling around in April because it is the end of a quarter that also signal a new beginning. Talking about end and new beginnings; it has not been good ends for some Nigerians in many parts of South Africa from Benoni to Cape Town, and many of them are seeking a new and safe beginning. Read about the pains and fears in our headline story:  Stop Harassing and Killing Us: Nigerians cry out.  Fortunately, this is not the true reflection of a relation between Nigeria and South Africa. Our special features- South Africa Grows Bigger in Nigeria- tells the story of the unprecedented successes and growth of South African businesses in Nigeria since 1994.

Our entertainment column brings you two Nigerian personalities leading the way in their different genres of the arts. Meet actor Fabian Lojede who plays the ‘obnoxious’ Bola Abayomi in the cross-continents, South African, hit drama series, ‘Jacob’s Cross’. Read also about who has got the bragging  right in DJ business, DJ Sulex- the self-acclaimed first Nigerian Deejay in South Africa.

Are you a South African? Turn the page to our property column and get useful tips about owning a property in South Africa. There is a blue river you must include your bucket list for your next tourist holiday. Read about this awe-inspiring sapphire color river in our tourism page.

Do you sometime get tired and sluggish? Well, it might just be too much toxins in the body. Read about what our health columnist advice on Seasonal Detox Vitality. Read more about It is Close than You Can See in Our inspirationaire column.

On behalf of the editorial board of The Nigerian Voice newspaper, we wish all Christians – a Happy Easter!!!

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March 2014 Edition
Issue Date: 3rd March - 3rd April 2014
The Nigerian Consul General Hon. Okey Emuchay MFR warns Nigerians that South Africa is not Nigeria and that the long arm of the law will catch up with them when they engage in any thing against the law of our host country.

He also gave an insight about plans on the Consular card for Nigerians in South Africa, as this will go a long way in dealing with the constant issue of misplaced or lost passport, due to the fact that Nigerians carry their passports about because of police and immigration officers.

Did you know that Five Diplomatic Staff from Nigeria High Commission & Consulate office have been transferred back to Nigeria? read all about it to know who the Five officers are.

By 2050 Nigeria will have the 3rd biggest population in the world. Do you also know that Nigeria now have the biggest economy in Africa? If not, read all about it in our March Edition of the newspaper.

If you love fashion check out the article on Ankara colour blocking. In the tradition column we have an article on the Yam Festival of the Igbo people from the South East of Nigeria.

Did you know that the South Africa Football Association is seriously after signing Nigerian Super Eagles coach Stephen Keshi to take over Bafana Bafana after 2014 World Cup in Brazil.

Also on Sport, Nigeria Football Association recently in Abuja unveiled the new Super Eagles Jersey for 2014 World Cup in Brazil..... Amazing Jersey indeed....

Read all about this and more in the March 2014 Edition of The Nigerian Voice Newspaper.

The Nigerian Voice Newspaper is a Nigerian Community Newspaper in South Africa changing perceptions and re-orientating minds positively about Nigeria and Nigerians in the Diaspora.

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February 2014
Issue Date: 15th Jan - 3rd March 2014

Happy New Year to Nigerians and all readers of our publication, we wish you all the best 2014 has to offer. 2013 was a resounding year for the publication because of our consistency and the fact that we have been able to establish a voice for the Nigerian community in South Africa, a voice that has come to stay, and will continue to tell the Nigerian story it way it is.

Moving forward in 2014, this edition is dedicated to Nelson Mandela. We bring you interesting stories of his stay in 1963 with Chief Madubike Amaechi in Nigeria.

We had an interview with Chief Emeka Anyaoku, the Former Commonwealth Secretary General who described Nelson Madela as an exceptional statesman. Chief Anyaoku was very instrumental in the negotiations that brought Nelson Mandela to power in 1990. Chief Anyaoku bagged South Africa’s highest honor for foreigners, for his outstanding role on the African continent.

Nigeria Consul General Okey Emuchay MFR stated at a dinner he organized in his home that the passing away of Nelson Mandela must draw our two nations together.

We also spoke to the mayor of Port Harcourt City Hon. Chimbiko Iche Akorolo who visited South Africa to receive an award. He told us that the city of Port Harcourt is celebrating its centenary. In an exclusive interview, he also told us why he left the People’ Democratic Party (PDP) to All Progressive Congress APC.

The Nigerian Government gave South Africa Twenty Million Pounds Sterling (20 Million Pounds) asides from scholarship, and many others things during Apartheid said Chief Iche Udeji Jonas, the Onowu Ndi-igbo, and the founder of Ohaneze Ndigbo South Africa.

Carnival Calabar is the biggest street party in Africa, read about it on the tourism column. There is so much to read and learn from on this edition of the publication.

We will like to say a big thank you to all those that have sent us letters to appreciate, commend and criticize what we are doing, between December 2013 and January 2014 we received almost 50 mails, this says a lot.

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December 2013
Issue Date: 15th Dec - 15th Jan 2013
The December edition is a Xmas hamper packed with news stories, interviews and feature articles. It contains a special interview on fight against HIV/AIDS and other issues with the Nigerian Professor of epidemiology, Ehi Igumbor.

It celebrates the life of Mandela with a special message from Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan and a 1986 letter by former Nigerian president, Olusegun Oansanjo to Margaret Thatcher protesting against apartheid regime in South Africa.

Also, there is scoop from the visit of Hon Abike Dabiri-Erewa’s Diaspora Committee of the Nigerian Federal House of Representatives to South African prisons.

Learn about the Brazilian-sytled Fanti carnival of Lagos in our tourism column and our health and beauty column gives tips on how to have a flat tummy. 

Read about the Let Love Lead, an anti-drug initiative by some Soweto social groups. Streetwise piece takes a peek at life on the street of Sunnyside in Pretoria, a place called little Lagos by South Africans. And our inspirational section discusses why you pay attention to small things because a little hinge swings the big door.

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November 2013
Issue Date: 15th Nov - 15th Dec 2013
The November 2013 edition of the Nigerian Voice newspaper is a notch higher. That is not our verdict! We simply analyzed readers and stakeholders’ comments on our October edition against our newest efforts. This edition is fully packed with international stories and personalities as well as celebration galore. We went as far as Brazil to bring you juicy interview with former Brazil’s Minister of Social Communication, Mr. Franklin Martins- the man who recently interviewed 15 African Presidents, including our own President His Excellency Goodluck Jonathan.
Over 1000 delegates from 80 countries flew to South Africa to join us for DISCOP 2013 conference- we have the major scoop; from Richard Bell’s (from Kenya) infamous statement about Nigeria’s Nollywood and was challenged face to face by our Publisher/CEO Mr Olaniyi Thevoice Abodedele, to exciting chat with Nico Meyer, CEO of Multichoice and the passionate thoughts of Biola Alabi, Multichoice’s Managing Director.
We were also at the Samsung Solar Digital Village Launch in Midrand, South Africa to see what Samsung Africa is doing to better life in Africa and it was fantastic.
Find out what veteran Nigerian actor and producer, Zack Orji, says to us. On the celebration, front Africa Magic is 10 and  it has been Nollywood 20th year of movie revolution in Nigeria- and the world was here to drink and wine to that- read how DISCOP organizers made Nigeria “Guest Country” in South Africa.
Are you passionate about your health and looks? Our health column brings you vital information about nutritional facts and you will learn multipurpose uses of Nigeria’s fabric-ankara.  Our tourist page gives you ideas for your next holiday with the piece on Awhum waterfalls- Nigeria’s natural healing spa.
We celebrate Mrs. Diana Games as our South African personality of the month. Before you go, read what she has to say about Nigeria and business in Africa. Feeling down or worried, read our inspirational column’s Nothing is as it first seems.

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October 2013 Edition

Issue Date: 15th Oct - 15th Nov 2013

The October edition is a bumper package. The newspaper celebrates Nigeria’s 53rd independence anniversary and its own one year anniversary. The edition profiles top-class interviews with three important personalities in the persons of the Nigerian High Commissioner to South Africa, Ambassador Sunday Samuel Yusuf, the Consular-General of Nigerian Consulate, Mr. Okey Emuchay,MFR and the Vice-President of Western Union, North, Central and West Africa, Ms. Aida Diarra. We went down memory lane with inclusion of Nigeria’s independence speech delivered by first Nigeria Prime Minister, Tafawa Balewa. There is also a rich scoop of the Gala Dinner and awards ceremony marking the Nigerian independence. Also for your reading pleasure the story of Kano’s famous museum.       

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September 2013 Edition

Issue Date: 15th Sep - 15th Oct 2013

The September edition is headlined by a special interview with the Speaker of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal. It also contains scoop on South Africa’s enfant terrible, Julius Malema’s August visit to Nigeria and secret meeting with Prophet TB Joshua. You will also read of how South African women married to Nigerians are uniting against discrimination and stigmatization. Follow the story of a Nigerian immigrant in Lagos! No, its Jo’burg!

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August 2013 Edition

Issue Date: 15th Aug - 15th Sept 2013
August edition exclusively covers the inspirational story of Mr. Okorie’s bi-weekly free food charity to needy and homeless people in Johannesburg and Pretoria. It also spotlights South-Africa and Nigeria working relationship and why working with Nigerians is fun in an exclusive interview with Rorisang Thandekis, manager of Planet Radio TV, Johannesburg. A cultural piece on Lagos’ Eyo traditional festival makes a lovely read. You will also find useful information on how to get business permit in South Africa.

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