How long will it take Nigerian Police to know Seyi Olusa (Father Lusky) is innocent?

- A diaspora angle to the Trans Amusement Car Park killing in Ibadan by Olaniyi Thevoice.

Patiently, but with dismay people have followed the Trans Amusement Car Park killing in Ibadan considering the fact that many Nigerians have been killed in the past without justice prevailing. Likewise, many innocent people are languishing in Nigerian jails or in police custody because men and women of the Nigerian Police Force are either not professional, or are ill-equipped and are bluntly carefree to carry out their responsibilities of ensuring justice, protection of lives and property as well as the constitutional right of citizens. This is even in view of the fact that the Nigerian Police Force and other state security agencies are solely dependent on taxpayers’ money for their remuneration and the daily running of activities.

In any developed or organized society, the police, without a doubt, will identify whoever committed murder in a public place in less than 24hrs. Definitely, same cannot be said of the Nigeria Police Force. How long will it take the Nigerian Police to identify who committed murder in a public place? How long will it take them to affirm that Seyi Olusa (Father Lusky) is not guilty as confirmed by different eye witnesses?

Precisely about two weeks ago, on Monday February 26th, 2018, the Ibadan Lounge-Bar Shooting Controversy is yet to have a headway despite the fact that it happened in a public place at the Trans Amusement car Park in Ibadan.

Following the incident, an article published in The Nation Newspaper of Tuesday 6th of March 2018,  stated that; “Some witnesses had said a soldier attached to the Oyo State security outfit, Operation Burst, allegedly shot the victim and not the bar owner, Seyi Olusa”.

The article further stated that “three other witnesses of the shooting, who were regular visitors to the bar, told The Nation that Olusa was not at the car park when the shooting happened.”

“One of the witnesses, Alli Akinoso, said Olusa, being a friend of the victim, had no reason to kill him”.

The eyewitness further testified that the bar owner could not have grabbed a gun from a soldier and returned it after killing someone with it.

Akinoso claimed he was at the car park when the incident happened: “I was at the car park and witnessed the whole thing. Kehinde’s younger brother, Damola, was having a fight with someone over the parking slot. I tried to talk to him but he did not listen. Then, a soldier came and beat him with a stick. He fell down and we offered him water. But he did not accept it. When Kehinde showed up, Demola stood up and approached the soldier violently.

“I saw the siblings struggling with the soldier. That was when the shooting began. Kehinde fell to the ground. I tried to resuscitate him but there was nothing I could do. Taiwo was not on the scene; he was at the bar. He only came after the shooting, and I was the first person he saw. He attacked me and tore my clothes. I still have the clothes with the victim’s blood on it,” the eyewitness revealed to The Nation Newspaper.

Since the time of the sad event, people have been clamouring that the Nigeria Army should produce the soldier attached to Operation Burst team who was on the scene of the shooting.

 Asked how Olusa was involved in the shooting, Akinoso said the bar owner came out, but went back almost immediately he saw that Operation Burst men were there.

In view of this, Nigerians need to ask the relevant authority in Oyo State; has the alleged soldier been arrested? If yes, did he confess that he shot the victim? If he has not been arrested, why not? Are soldiers above the law to the extent that they are protected from being answerable to the law when there is allegation of murder or any other crimes against them?

Once again the Trans Amusement Car Park killing in Ibadan exposes the unprofessionalism, lack of touch with anti-crime modern technology used in other climes as well as the lack of respect for citizens’ constitutional right by the Nigerian Police Force and other security agencies such as the Nigerian army which the accused soldier represents.

In developed countries, the use of forensic test on the murder weapon is all it takes to solve a murder case. Such narratives as that of the Trans Amusement Car Park killing, are some of the reasons why many Nigerians in the Diaspora have lost trust in the ability of the Nigerian Police and are uncertain of their safety when they journey home to visit their families, friends or for business purposes.