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Brand Coordinator United kingdom
Olamide Williams - Brand Coordinator United Kingdom
Olamide Williams is a City university graduate of Media Arts and Music technology and has worked in the UK and Africa media industry for over a decade, gaining vast experience in television, advertising, movie & music production, print media and corporate industry.

Olamide started his media journey as a young music Dj setting up a successful sound system in South London United Kingdom. As a natural progression, he moved on to music production setting up a record label and then eventually, established a tv production house. Today, He is the CEO of StarGlomedia with a singular vision of bringing forth compelling stories through media to positively impact society   

Olamide have a great working knowledge of media project design / presentation and has successfully designed media presentation packages to corporate bodies for funds procurement in the United Kingdom and Africa

Olamide Williams is passionate about the English language; he gained great writing experience by working in the British Civil Service and also his editorial work for the print media industry. He is also passionate about cinematography and media communication. He believes in making an impact by reaching out and touching people‚Äôs lives positively. Media is one of many tools that can achieve this and he is overly humbled to serve humanity through his media work